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In need of some Visual Merchandising?

We strategize and execute with a flair. We are the one-stop-shop for all things visual – from entire floor sets to individual product merchandising.


We are masters at generating the creative attention that puts products, services and individuals on the map. We create brand experiences that impact consumers, grow your audience, engage customers and often include social media strategies.


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We curate experience. Our Art Shows enhance the artist, their collection and their brand. We provide mannequins and design support for all exhibitions including Costume and Archive. We can conceptualize the entire experience or execute to your specs. Our services also include seasoned auctioneers, studio space, and one-of-a-kind mannequins.


We understand that installations and hanging art can be tedious! We handle setting shows and showrooms, hanging art in private homes and restoring spaces to original form after art shows. We are experts at event transition.


Broken or Busted?

We repair all mannequin brands to their original factory condition, if not better. We pride ourselves in historic restorations, custom finishes and exquisite attention to detail. Our work includes reparation of plaster, paper mâché and fiberglass. There isn’t a mannequin we can’t restore or repair.


Oh Mannequin! has created eye catching, head turning, and impactful window displays in Los Angeles for over a decade. Do you have a one-of-a-kind boutique? Or are you a multi store venture? We do it all and are leaders in innovative window displays.


Want to test out the market?

Why sign a long-term lease before you’ve worked out the glitches? Oh Mannequin! offers launch strategies and professional execution and feedback to help you grow your business. We have the expertise and proven track record to help you make your mark.


Trade Shows are an important exposure for your industry and clientele. We make sure your first impression is your best. From concept to application, there is no idea too big or too small.  We create custom booths, modify existing ones and offer full service booth management during shows.

Don’t want to break a sweat? You don’t have to. Inquire and let us do the rest.


Signage is important.  It allows for the brand to communicate with the consumer a message they are trying to convey.  Its also a great way to do something different whether on a window, wall, or any surface.  We are skilled in having vinyl signage designed, produced, and installed.